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Evolution Prison Roleplay - In-game rules

on Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:38 am

1. Roleplay
You are forced to stay in character at all times, there is no such thing as being out of charachter. The only times you may be out of character is when an administrator which is on duty tells you that you're out of character.

2. Meta Gaming (MG)
It's an action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of.

3. Power Gaming (PG)
This is forcing actions upon other players, disallowing them to provide a response to your action or role playing an action which is seen as humanely impossible - something which isn't able to be done in real life.
Example -*Jonathan takes Lola's hand as he pulls her forcely with him*
The issue with this roleplay was that the individual which roleplayed the actions stated above didn't allow the opposition to respond whether or not he/she succeeded. This is why you must state for in example /do Success or Failure? You may do a roleplay line similar to this or exact if you prefer but it must clearly state whether or not you're able to succeed in completing the action.

4. Deathmatching
Deathmatching is not allowed into the server. Deathmatching is killing someone without heavy roleplay reason, keep in mind that you're in prison and you need even heavier.

5. Attacking guard
You are not allowed to attack any guard if there's not three or more guards online. You can check how many guards are online by clicking 'TAB', ooc tag names who have blue colors are guards.
Attacking a guard it's not something random that happen - make sure you have a good reason to do it.

6. Third Party Modifications
Using 3rd-party programs to have an advantage over other players is not allowed.
Using skin or vehicle or visual modifications is allowed.
Using modifications that affect gameplay is forbidden. Example: Changing a big car model with a little one.

7. Advertisement
You are not allowed to attempt, or imply for someone to play another server and/or say a servers internet protocol address or the servers name into any types of chat in attempt to gain attention. This goes for both negative and positive reasons. You'll get banned if you were caught doing advertisements of other servers.

8. Logging to avoid
If you're in the middle of roleplay and you leave the game and don't come back on 5 minutes, you'll be admin prisoned for logging to avoid.

9. Robbing
In order to perform robbery you have to be level three or higher, there player you want to rob must be level three or higher.
The maximum cash you can rob is $200.
There are no limits on how many drugs and melees you can rob.
You also are allowed to rob any guard or doctor, it doesn't matter if they're on or off duty.

10. Scamming
In order to scam someone you have to be level three or higher.
The player you're scamming must be level three or higher.
You can scam maximum of $500.
You are not allowed to scam for cells.

11. Prison escape
In order to perform prison escape you must get the permission from any administrator in game.
You have to show the tactics you'll use to escape to the administrator.
If you escape, you'll get good stuff (melees, drugs, cash maybe even an cell.) but the amount you are getting it depends on the roleplay you made while escaping.
After you finish with the escape you'll get teleported back to prison and you will forget the escape roleplay.
There is allowed only one escape per day.

12. Account/character sharing
You aren't allowed to share accounts/characters with anybody.
We have the abillity to check account IP's, logging in with different IP's might be a sign.
If you were caught doing this, you would get permanent ban from the server.

13. Language
This server is an English language based server, it is necessary for you to communicate in English in all forms of chats via both in character and out of character chats.
If you were caught talking another language, you'll be given a warning. If you continue to repeat it, you'll be admin jailed.

14. Riot
If you want to start a riot you will need to have good roleplay reason to start it.
You must get administrator permission to start a riot, you will need to explain him everything about this riot why it's happening, how it will happend etc.
The administrator has the right to accept/deny your riot due to poor reasons, if you think the administrator is unfair feel free to report him.

15. Character Kill/Player Kill
In order to kill sombeody character(CK), you will need his ooc permission - make sure you always have proofs that you have his character kill permission.
If you player kill (PK) somebody, he wouldn't remember the roleplay he has done with you and the players you killed him with.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, you feel free to PM me.
These rules may change without any prior notice, so be check it once in a while.
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